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  We thank you for your patronage towards FRONTECH Products and we are sure you will enjoy your hard earned money. In the event of your product requiring any services, please do contact the nearest JIL Authorized – Post Sales Service Center,  which are existing in all the State Capital City and major Districts of Pan India. In case there is no such service center in your city, please contact our Toll Free N0. 1800-345-30-30 for assistance. We emphasize that you must read the ‘instruction manual’ carefully before use.

Jupiter International Limited warrants the product you have purchased from JIL or JIL Distributor, Dealer, Reseller, or any of the authorized channel partners to be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship under normal use.

FRONTECH WARRANTY POLICY: This policy has been created to make sure that all of our Channel Partners - Distributors, Dealers and Resellers and end users can experience industry’s best hassle free warranty support and have superb clarity about warranty and complete peace of mind for purchasing our world class Frontech Products.

JIL Invoice is the ‘Proof of Purchase’ for the Frontech Products and the Warranty Period commences from the date of Invoice for the Dealers / Distributors, and one month extra warranty will be provided as a buffer only for Dealer and Distributors to ensure the product is sold to End Customer during the tenure. During Warranty Period, Repair / Service shall be done on Carry-In or Return on Bench (ROB) basis unless Otherwise mentioned.

This warranty applies only to the original purchase and is Non-Transferable. The Warranty commences from the date of purchase from the Reseller/Dealer provided the reseller has sold the same within one month of the JIL billing. JIL is not responsible for additional warranty claims if the Dealer/ Distributors /Reseller sells the product late to the End Customer (i.e., after one month of JIL Billing).

This warranty does not apply to equipment that has been subject to Neglect, Misuse, Misapplication, Incorrect Connection or that is not properly packed for sending to the authorized PSS Center or to a product that has been Altered, Tampered or Repaired in any manner prior to its return.

Product wise ‘‘Warranty Period’ along with ‘Service Facility’ has been given under here in for your ready reference. However, the same shall not be binding to PSS Centers under the unavoidable circumstances beyond our control.
Products Description Warranty Type Warranty Period
Frontech Cabinets(All models) Carry IN NA
Frontech E-cams(All models) Carry IN 1 Year.
Frontech Ear Phone Carry IN No warranty
Frontech Ethernet Cards Carry IN NA
Frontech Ethernet Hubs/Switches Carry IN 1 Year.
Frontech Gaming Devices Carry IN Testing
Frontech Head Phone (High end) Carry IN 1 Year. (Models:JIL-3442, 1902,1903,1904,1914,1915)
Frontech Head Phone (Normal) Carry IN 6 Months(Model Jil-3401)
Frontech  Internal Modem Carry IN 1 Year.
Frontech Keyboard (All Type) Carry IN 1 Year.
Frontech LCD Monitors Carry IN 3 Years
(1 Year Warranty on Adapter).
Note: [The under mentioned is the Total Defective Pixels Limitation allowed as per Industry Norms and cannot be considered as defective.
15”LCD Monitor – 2 (Bright) +3 (Dark) = 5(Pixels) and For 17”& 19”LCD Monitor – 3 (Bright) +3 (Dark) = 6(Pixels)]
Frontech Mouse Carry IN 1 Year.
Frontech SD Card Carry IN 1 Year.
Frontech Smart Pen Carry IN 1 Year.
Frontech SMPS Carry IN 2 Year.
Frontech SMPS (2415&2416) Carry IN 3 Years.
Frontech Sound/USB cards Carry IN 1 Year.
Frontech Speakers (all) Carry IN 1 Year.
Frontech Sub-woofer (all) Carry IN 1 Year.
Frontech Surge Protector Carry IN Testing
Frontech TV Tuners(external/Internal /USB/LCD) Carry IN 1 Year.
Frontech UPS On-Site ** 2 Years For UPS and
1 yr warranty on Battery…
Frontech Tablet pc (Product) Carry In 1 year
Frontech Tablet pc (Accessories) Carry In 6 months
Frontech Toner cartridges Carry In 3 days testing warranty from the date of purchase** 
Frontech Battery (3W) Carry In 3 months
Frontech Battery (6 W) Carry In 6 months
Frontech Battery (7 W) Carry In 7 months
Frontech Battery (12 W) Carry In 12 months
Frontech Led bulb Carry In 1 year
Frontech Solar Products (3 Watt Panel) Carry In 1 year
Frontech Solar Products (5 Watt Panel) Carry In 2 year
Frontech Solar Products (10 Watt Panel) Carry In 5 year
Frontech Solar Products (20 Watt Panel) Carry In 5 year
Frontech Solar Products (Charge Controller) Carry In 1 year
*The Number of Days mentioned herein are Working Days only which don’t include Sundays, State and National Holidays.
**On Site Warranty for UPS Products are available for Limited Models and Selected Cities / Towns only and this facility will be       applicable within the Municipal City Limit area.
  1. The Warranty Period mentioned above herein are applicable for respective Products.
  2. The warranty is valid on the product with an intact Warranty Sticker.
  3. The warranty will not be entertained for Torn / Erased Numbers or Barcode Stickers.
  4. The warranty is not valid on the  Products sold as Seconds.
  5. The warranty is not applicable for Physically Damaged, Rusted, Glued, Tampered, Burnt Products, Spares Missing, Unauthorized Repaired / Spares used.
  6. The Warranty is not Transferable and applies to the First Purchaser (End User) of the Product only.
  7. Repair will be carried out on JIL’s discretion (Subject to compliance of Warranty Terms) through the Company's Service Centers or its Authorized Service Partners - Distributors / Dealers.
  8. If authorized PSS Center does not exist in your Area, you can call nearest JIL-PSS Center for further course of action. JIL shall make all possible efforts to carry out the Repairs and return of the equipment within the stipulated TAT (Turn Around Time) after receipt of the same. However, the Company shall not be liable for any consequences arising due to delay under circumstances beyond its control.
  9. All the Warranty Terms mentioned herein are from JIL Billing only and an additional one month Warranty can be provided to End Users on Management’s discretion to bridge the gap between JIL Billing and Reseller Billing.

  1. In case the product is not used according to instructions given in the instruction/user manual.
  2. Installation / Repair work is carried out by a person / agency other than that authorized by the Company.
  3. Site conditions (premises where the product is kept) that  do not conform to the recommended operating conditions of the product.
  4. Defects caused by improper use as determined by the company personnel.
  5. Modification or Alteration of any nature is made in the electrical circuitry / physical construction of the set.
  6. Equipment where the Warranty Stickers are Corroded, Defaced, Tampered or Missing.
  7. Defects caused due to factors beyond the Company's control such as Lightening, Abnormal Voltage, Acts of God/ Natural calamities or while in transit to PSS Center or Purchaser's end and from Customer Induced Damage. (CID).
  1. As per the Industry Standards TFT screen performs normally with not more than 5 (Five) Improper Pixels in total and not more than 3(Three) Bright or 3 (Three) Dark Pixels in line or at one place. JIL retains the right to refuse any claim for repair or replacement of a TFT screen if the numbers of defective dots are five or less than five.
  2. In the event of repair of any parts of the equipment, the remaining warranty will thereafter continue and remain in force only for the un-expired period of the Warranty. Moreover, the time taken for repair and in transit whether under the Warranty or otherwise shall not be excluded from the Warranty Period.
  3. The company or its authorized service center/ service dealer,  reserves the right to retain any parts or components replaced during the warranty period.
  4. The Warranty does not cover for normal Wear & Tear and accessories of the equipment. i.e., Remote, Battery, Adapter, AC Cord, Data, Cable, etc.
  1. Each of the equipment must accompany a report indicating the Nature of Defect, in case the material is being sent through a Dealer / Distributor / JIL Service Center. An end user customer should bring a proof of purchase. In absence of the above, JIL shall not be liable for timely Repair / Replacement.
  2. Original JIL Warranty stickers must be available on each product. Any tampering with the stickers or attempt to repair by an unauthorized person shall void the warranty on the equipment.
  3. All defective equipment should be packed carefully to be transport worthy. Broken / Damaged Products would be returned back without repair and the cost of the Broken / Damaged Parts would be recovered from the Consignor after JIL receives a written request for the same.
  4. All defective equipment shall be received on freight "PREPAID" basis. The Company shall bear the return freight to the customer. Under the circumstances of equipments being received on "TO PAY" basis, Company shall recover the freight amount before sending the equipments on Freight "PREPAID" basis. The same may be paid by the Party before dispatching.
  5. Customers are requested to send appropriate Statutory Documents, such as : Road Permits, State Way Bills, etc along with the Defective Products. Company would not be liable for any Consignment Hold in Transit or delay arising in the Repair/Replacement due to non-availability of these Documents.
Any Frontech Product that does not power up properly on the initial use Or does not function properly (for end-user immediate after purchase), Fails Post and Self Diagnostics Or have Non-Informed Bug / Defect / Damage or Workmanship Defect (For Distributor/Reseller) when received from Factory shipment with Factory Seal intact. And Units failing prior to sale or being sold to an end user are termed as DOA.  
  1. All Customers should implement an arrival inspection upon receiving the product, any defective products shall be returned after inspection and verification immediately.
  2. This is not valid for Configuration error, Compatibility issue, and User Related issue.
  3. DOA Products shall be confirmed and produced at JIL Service Center within 3 Working Days from the date of JIL Invoice. In case of delay the product will not be entitled as DOA.
  4. Upon receiving returned DOA Materials / Products, the PSS Center shall conduct inspection. The Product must be originally packed with all the accessories. If it is not so, then the product will not be treated as DOA and will be treated as repairable material.
  5. On confirmation of the Fault, a new Product will be replaced to the customer with TAT. In case of non-availability of the same model, option to replace with an equivalent product will be given on JIL’s discretion.
  6. In case of DOA claimed by End-User / Customer the Proof of Purchase with all the details is necessary to submit. It should be submitted within two working days of purchase from Reseller / Dealer.
  1. In case of any product having already reached the End of life it will be replaced with the nearest equivalent Frontech Product having the nearest price value of old one at the sole discretion of JIL.
  2. In case of non availability of a particular Model due to change of Technology / Specification an equivalent will be issued subject to availability. If none of the equivalent is available, a new product of higher Technology or Specification will be issued after charging the difference amount as per the prevailing Market Operated Price (MOP)
  3. If customer is not willing to go for the higher model by paying difference amount,  a Credit Note will be issued to the Dealer/Disty only, after deducting the depreciation of 33% value per year as per the original billing for the tenure which Customer has already used the Product. As a policy, in none of the cases the end customer will be entitled to a Credit note and it will be routed through the JIL Dealer / Disty with whom the end customer has Purchased.

Any one or all of the below mentioned cases shall constitute the “Out of Warranty Products / Material” or even Warranty can be avoided from any Products / Materials if,
  1. Equipments wherein the stipulated Warranty Period has expired.
  2. Equipments where the Warranty Sticker are Tampered / Torn.
  3. Equipments are repaired by unauthorized persons or due to Customer Induced Damage (CID).
  4. Equipments which don’t fall under the above mentioned Warranty Conditions.
  5. The Product got defective due to any abnormal condition like Natural Calamity / High Voltage / Thunder / Transit Damage / Accident.
Please contact nearest JIL PSS Centre.  
As a policy, if Dealer/Distributor/Reseller/End-User/Customer don’t claim the Product within one month, the demurrage amount of Rs. 5/- per day will be charged. This will be valid up to Three Months only. Thereafter, the left over Products will be discarded and JIL will not entertain any claims of the RMA Materials which are unclaimed by Dealer/Distributor/Reseller/End-User/Customer for more than Three Months. JIL reserve the rights to Honor / Dishonor any such claims at its own discretion.  
Table Top Replacement:
We offer Table-Top Replacements at our selected PSS Centers for our regular Products such as Keyboards, Mouse and SMPS. This is applicable only to JIL PSS Centers at the State Capitals only and this service is not available at our Authorized Service Partners / Disty / Dealers Point Services and places where our Mobile Engineer visits.  
Credit Note:
Credit Note shall be issued by JIL (at its sole discretion) for any Product which is beyond Repairable or a suitable Replacement with an equivalent Model is not available. It will be issued after 15 Days of Receipt of Product at JIL PSS Center and in favor of Dealer or Disty from whom the Product is Purchased and the rate would be either the present market determined price or the price at which the product was initially purchased, whichever is deemed lower. This Credit Note can then be adjusted against next billing with JIL. But where the JIL PSS Centers are not present and where our Mobile Engineers visit for Service if the product is not rectified within a frequency of a minimum of two visits, then only we can consider to issue a Credit Note. As a matter of Policy, at none of the circumstances End-User / Non-JIL Customer will be entitled for a Credit Note.
As a policy JIL will not entertain any claims for any Sales Return, but in unavoidable cases such as a receipt of faulty lot of peripherals which is duly confirmed by JIL-HO, either it will be Replaced by the equivalent available Model with the nearest price otherwise Sales Return will be issued after consultation with the JIL Distributor / Reseller. As a matter of Policy, at any circumstance Non-JIL Customer will not be entitled for a Sales Return.

Limited Liability:
The Company's maximum liability under the ‘Warranty Period’ shall be limited to Repairing or Replacement of the Product (if found non repairable). In case, any Product which is beyond Repairable  or a suitable Replacement is not available, JIL (at its own discretion) will issue a ‘Credit Note’ as per Co’s Policy. JIL expressly disclaims all other Warranties other than stated herein, expressed or implied, including without limitation implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose to the fullest extent permitted by law. The Company shall not be responsible for any Financial / Productivity / Goodwill / Other claims raised by the Customer caused due to whatsoever reason(s). The Sale or Services of Products are Subject to Kolkata Jurisdiction only.

For any Queries/Clarifications or product related information call PSS IN-CHARGE at
+91 33 26328806. Or visit www.frontechonline.com

Jupiter International Ltd believes in building Long Term relationship with its Customers and ensures that Customers get best and hassle free ‘Post Sales Services’ across the Country. Given below is the list of our Branch PSS Centers across the Pan India, where any Customer can send the Frontech Product for Repair / Replacement:
Services Center
Ahmadabad #01, Basement, J.B. Tower,
OPP TV Tower, Thaltej,
Ahmedabad - 380 054
Contact Person: Mr. Jaimin Bundela
Tel.: (079) 4005 1413 / 2685 4758
Mail : serviceahm@jil-jupiter.com
Delhi (Nehru Place) #504, Shakuntala Apartments, 59,
Nehru Place,
New Delhi – 110 019
Contact Person: Mr. Manoj Kumar
Tel.: (011) 2645 3605
Mail : manoj.k.roy@frontechonline.com
Bangalore #8, Oosman Khan Road, Near town Hall,
Bangalore -560 002
Contact Person: Mr. Govind Raj
Tel.: (080) 4124 3122,
Fax: (080) 2229 3221
Mail : service_blr@jil-jupiter.com
Dehradun #9, Mayur Vihar, GMS Road,
Dehradun-248 001
Contact Person : Mr. Vikash Bahuguna
Tel.: (0135) 2720 363 / 6458 538
Mail : vikash.bahuguna@jil-jupiter.com
Bhubaneshwar Plot #A81, Shaheed Nagar,
Bhubaneshwar – 751 007
Contact Person: Mr. Vinod Sahu
Tel.: (0674) 2546 624
Mail : vinod.sahu@jil-jupiter.com
Ghaziabad #147, Kirana Mandi,
G.T.Road, Near Chaudhary More,
Ghaziabad – 201 001
Contact Person: Mr.Ajaz Ahmad
Tel.: (0120) 4130 961 / 4130 962
Bhopal # B-3, Sanchi Complex, Opp. Board office, Shivaji Nagar,
Bhopal – 462 011
Contact Person: Mr. Sunil Raghuwanshi
Tel.: (0755) 4064 480
Mail : bhopalservice@frontechonline.com
Guwahati Jain Galli, Kedar Road, Near Hotel Rituraj,
Guwahati – 781 001.
Contact Person: Mr. Kamal Choudhary
Tel.: (0360) 2606 175
Mail : ser.guwahati@jil-jupiter.com
Chennai #71/72, Wallajah Road, 3rd Floor, Laxminarayan Tower,
Chennai – 600 002
Contact Person: Mrs. Bina / Mr. Mubarak Tel.: (044) 4207 5874
Mail : bina@jil-jupiter.com
Hyderabad #1-8-32/61/21, Bapu Bagh Colony,
P.G Road,
Secunderabad – 500 003
Contact Person: Ms. Regina Martin
Tel. : (040) 6638 2358
Mail : servicehyd@jil-jupiter.com
Cochin #G-206, Canal Road,
Panampilly Nagar, Cochin – 682 036
Contact Person: Mr. Vijay Kumar
Tel.: 0484-2311419
Mail : cochin@jil-jupiter.com
Hubli Ronad Building, Above Hot chips, 1st Floor, Hosur, Near Canara Hotel,
Hubli – 580 021
Contact Person: Mr. Gurunath Bhure
Tel.: (0836) 4265 560
Mail : hubli@jil-jupiter.com
Indore #204A, Silver Mall, 8 - RNT Marg,
Indore – 452 001
Contact Person: Mr. Pradeep Sharma
Tel.: 07314057498/ 09893240759
Mail : serviceindore@jil-jupiter.com
New Delhi Jupiter international limited
#21-first floor, rama road, Industrial area

New delhi-110015
Contact Person: Mr. Krishna Kumar
Tel.: (011) 4508 8240 / 4508 8256
Mail : krishna.kumar@frontechonline.com
Jabalpur #1531, Napier Town, Home Science College Road, Jabalpur – 482 001
Contact Person: Mr. Shivnarayan Solanki
Tel.: (0761) 4030 931 Mail : jabalpurservice@frontechonline.com
Ludhiana 275, New Model Town
Near Kochar Market Chownk
Ludhiana – 141 002
Contact Person: Mr. Varun Gautam
Tel.: +91- 98883-68189 / 0161-5042159
Mail : ludhiana.service@frontechonline.com
Jaipur Jupiter International Limited (Logistics) #11, Roop Nagar, Hari Marg, Civil Lines, Jaipur - 302 001 Contact : Mr. Mahesh Kumar Sharma Tel.: +91 141 402 1209.  94603 09268
Mail : accounts.jaipur@jil-jupiter.com

Jupiter International Limited (Service Centre)
# 328, Doongari House Complex, 2nd Floor, Indira Bazar, Jaipur. Contact: Mr. Mahipal Singh Tel.: +91 141 4015160, 94615 43731 Mail : service.jaipur@jil-jupiter.com
Meerut #217, 2nd Floor, Kaveri
Complex PL Sharma Road,
Meerut – 250 001
Contact Person: Mr. Vikas
Tel.: (0121) 4024 214
Mail : meerut.service@frontechonline.com
Jammu Plot No.183, Rehari Colony
Jammu - 180 005
Contact Person: Mr. Komal Karan
Tel.: (0191) 2580 388 / 398
Mail : komal.karan@frontechonline.com
Mysore #544 / A-5, Opp. Computer Shoppe,
Triveni Complex, K.T Street,
Mysore – 570 001
Contact Person: Mr. Mahesh
Tel.: (0821) 4266 600
Mail : service_blr@jil-jupiter.com
Pune # 1204/23, Shop No.103, Amit Samruddhi,
Near Pizza Hut, J M Road,
Pune – 411 004
Contact Person: Mr. Jitendra Jain
Tel. : (020) 3250 0471
Mail : servicepune@jil-jupiter.com
Kolkata # 30, Jadunath Dey Road,
Kolkata – 700 012
Contact Person: Mr. Tusher Hazra
Tel.: (033) 40143503
Mail : kolservice@jil-jupiter.com
Patna H/O B.M.Singh Opp-Post Office, Jamal Road,
Contact Person: Mr. Bishen Singh Chettri
Tel. : (0612) 3297 060
Mail : patna@jil-jupiter.com
Lucknow # B-1 & B-2, Riz Building,
# 13, Madan Mohan Marg,
Lucknow – 226 001
Contact Person: Mr. Santhosh Bhalla
Tel.: (0522) 3010 186 / 3919 304
Mail : lkoservice@frontechonline.com
Ranchi # 490/A1, Inder Kutir,
Singhee Marg, PP Compound,
Ranchi – 834 001
Contact Person: Mr. Govind Shaw
Tel. : (0651) 2330 216
Mail : ranchi@jil-jupiter.com
Raipur Mittal Complex, 2nd Floor,
Telghani Naka Chowk,
Raipur – 492 009
Contact Person: Mr. Kamalesh Kumar Yadav Tel. : (0771) 4044 808
Mail : servicerpr@frontechonline.com
Varanasi D 53/97, A -2, Madhukar Anand Building,
Maharana Prathap Colony, Guru Bagh, Varanasi – 221 010
Contact Person: Mr. Kamal Kant Sharma
Tel.: 094518 55186
Mail : lkoservice@frontechonline.com
Surat # 1 / 678, 1st Floor, Ramji Temple Street, Nanapur, Surat – 395 001
Contact Person: Mr. Prafull Patel
Tel: 093285 04911
Mail : surat@jil-jupiter.com
Vishakhapatnam # 47-15-6 , Shop No.14 & 24, 1st Floor,
Ratna Arcade, Dwarka Nagar,
Vishakhapatnam – 530 016
Contact Person: Mr. Ashok Sarda
Tel.: (0891) 6635 667
Mail : ashok.sarda@frontechonline.com
Vadodara #323 Orient Business Center
Opp Suraj Plaza,
Sayajiganj Vadodara. Kareli Baugh,
Vadodara – 380 018
Contact Person: Kiran bhatt
Tel.: 09824043103
Mail: kbwirelive@gmail.com
The Sales and Services of the Products are Subject to Kolkata Jurisdiction only.

Jupiter International Ltd believes in building Long Term relationship with its Customers and ensures that Customers get best ‘Post Sales Services’ across the Districts of Pan India. Given below is the list of our Authorized PSS Centers across the Country, where any Customer can approach for Service / Repair of any Frontech Products:
State Locations Responsible Person Phone number
Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad Mr. K.Pandari / G. Ganga Reddy 9866387276/ 9951663721/  040-66382358
Vizag Mr. T.R Laxaman Kumar 8520819790/  08916635667
Guntur Mr. S.Ramesh Rao 9440185697
Vijayawada Mr. S.Ramesh Rao
Assam Guwahati Mr.Kamal Chowdhury 9435017821
Agartala Neelema Enterprise 9436127603
Silchar Mr.Vikram 9954160106
Tinsukhia-1 Mr.Ravi Jain 9435135416
Tinsukhia-2 Mr.Ranjit Paul 9435335392
Bihar Patna Mr.Bishan Singh 9339864947
Chhatishgarh Bilaspur Mr. Kedar Sahu 8827257424
Raipur Mr. Kedar Sahu / Satish Sahu 0771 - 4032340
Delhi Rama Road Mr. Kavinder Rustagi 011 - 45088256
Gujarat Baroda Mr. Deepesh Machi 9737042296
Ahmedabad Mr. Karan Ravat 9737042295
Rajkot V Care 02813291059 / 02812482016
Surat Mr.Paful patel 9737042297
Bhavnagar Mr. Sandeep Gowani 9998895437
Haryana Bhiwani Mr. Khem Singh Rawat 9899290717
Hisar Mr. Khem Singh Rawat 9899290717
Jharkhand Jamshedpur Mr.S.K.Kanth 9430739739
Ranchi Mr.Sanjit Kumar 9905479298
Karnataka Bangalore Mr. Govindraj 9945614465 / 08041243122 / 080 22293111
Davangare Mr.Guru Bhure 9886377635
Hubli Mr.Guru Bhure 9886377635
Mysore Computer Service Point 9844140410
Mangalore Mr. Ganesh 9449102093
Shimoga Mr. Thippesh 9008321219
Kerala Cochin Mr. Vijay 04842311419 / 9995325178
Madhya pradesh Bhopal
Mr .Sunil Raghuvanshi
Mr. Vishnu Majhi
Mr. Pradeep Deshmukh
07314057498/ 9926666476
Mr. Sachin / Indrajit
Mr. Sanjay Singh Pawar
Mr. Sanjay Singh Pawar
Mr. Sanjay Singh Pawar
Mr. Rajesh Kushwah
Mr. Rajesh Kushwah
Mr. Rajesh Kushwah
Maharashtra Pune Mr. Jitendra Jain 02032500471 / 9890952025
Nagpur Mr. Pravin Ggukse 9850696936
Nashik Mr. Sasank Gaidhani 9371379373
Sangli Mr. Padmakar 9320864335
Satara Mr. Padmakar
Kolapur Mr. Padmakar
Echalkanji Mr. Padmakar
Orissa Berhampur Mr.Pabitra Kumar Sahoo 9238568434
Bhubaneswar Mr.Pabitra Kumar Sahoo 9238568434
Punjab Ludhiana Mr. RICCY MANN 9814690102
Jalandhar Mr. RICCY MANN 9814690102
Amritsar Mr. RICCY MANN 9814690102
Bhatinda Mr. RICCY MANN 9814690102
Rajasthan Jaipur Mr. Bahadur Singh 0141-4015160 / 09460556060
G N Infotech
Tamilnadu Chennai MUBARAK SHERIF        04442075846/9791141806
Uttar Pradesh Meerat Mr. Khem Singh Rawat 9899290717
Aligarh Mr. Khem Singh Rawat 9899290717
Buland sahar Mr. Khem Singh Rawat 9899290717
Muzaffarnagar Mr. Khem Singh Rawat 9899290717
Lucknow Mr. Santosh Bhalla 9305852860
Varanasi Mr. Kedar Nath Chakraborty 9839142415
Allahabad Mr. Mahant Lal 9936988050
Jhansi Mr. Santosh Bhalla 9305852860
Lalitpur Mr. Santosh Bhalla 9305852860
Kanpur Mr. Santosh Bhalla 9305852860
Gorakhpur Mr. Kedar Nath Chakraborty 9839142415
West Bengal Asansol Mr.Shyamalendu 7797740556
Durgapur Mr.Shyamalendu 7797740556
Baharampur Mr. Pranab Banerjee 9239076743
Kolkata Mr.Tusher Hazra 033-4014 3519/3522
Maldah Mr. Pranab Banerjee 9830770633
Siliguri Mr.Deepankar 9433370073
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