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Best Nonprofit Accounting Software 2023 Reviews & Pricing

And on the review site TrustRadius, Sage Intacct gets 8.6 stars out of 101 with customers indicating they’re happy with Sage’s fast customer service response time. If you’re searching for accounting software that’s user-friendly, full of smart features, and scales with your business, Quickbooks is a great option. MoneyMinder does offer additional services like bank integration and MyStore, which allows you to create an online store and accept online payments. You can pay employees through direct deposit or check, allocate money for taxes, and file quarterly payroll taxes.

  • Many accounting programs integrate with other financial services to make it easy to import data or track transactions.
  • Unfortunately, the user can’t lock periods without closing books, which can only be done at the end of fiscal year.
  • This accounting software is easy to use and expand and can be customized to match the needs of your nonprofit, especially tracking donations.
  • The application has the ability to manage nonprofits’ important finances and give expert services to assist integration with Safe Intacct itself.
  • It provides a variety of features like donor management, grant tracking, and fund accounting.

Nonprofits need to accomplish many of the same bookkeeping tasks as businesses, tracking cash inflows and outflows and producing financial reports. Our list of the year’s best free accounting software can help you keep your books in order while you plan for growth. Finding the right software for your nonprofit helps determine its success, so make sure to snag those free trials and test-drive different options. With the right bookkeeping software on your side, you’ll be able to make the most of your donations and reach people who support your cause. Unfortunately, NetSuite’s site is pretty sparse, and it’s definitely on the pricier side of accounting software (third parties estimate it starts at around $499 a month). Still, since Oracle NetSuite focuses on ERP and CRM software, it’s a better fit for midsize to large nonprofits with a bigger budget for accounting.

Best Free Tax Software Providers of 2024

Each version includes an unlimited number of profiles for prospects and members that can be stored in one or multiple hierarchies or entities. Membership dues can be configured, automated, and tracked alongside several accounting software integration, which includes QuickBooks. Bloomerang’s free version is available for start-ups and small nonprofits which only manage up to 250 records and up to $100,000 in annual revenue. The paid version starts at $79 per month for organizations managing up to 1,000 records. Thankfully, nonprofits can achieve hyper-efficiency with financial automation.

The platform combines the power of four interconnected modules in one — Invoice-to-Cash, Payment Plans, Subscription Billing, and Customer Portal — so accounting workflow becomes easy and seamless. The program likewise stores all information relevant to transactions, which further assists nonprofits in complying with standards. It provides transparency to all organization activities by giving them accurate and detailed data. This ensures total accountability, ensuring that stakeholders and donors remain engaged. The system’s powerful reporting tools enable it to generate reports that can be used in making data-based decisions. You can likewise boost your fundraising activities using Sage Business Cloud’s project tracking feature.

  • Dashboards, expense management, budget viewing, and purchase order creation can be accessed by a broader range of employees.
  • Fund accounting, also known as fund-based accounting, is the accounting system nonprofits use to keep their books and track funds.
  • Make a list of tools that fulfill all of your needs and note the wants that they satisfy.

Nonprofit accounting software should offer features specifically tailored to the unique requirements of nonprofits, including donor management, fund tracking, and grant management. Its Advanced Accounting plan has budgeting by fund, fixed asset tracking, income and expense allocation and project-specific reporting for $189 per month. Organization s that support and manage multiple entities should contact Aplos to discuss its Enterprise plan, which is tailored to each customer. Zoho Books is a cloud-based accounting software that is designed for businesses and nonprofits of all sizes. It offers a variety of features that can help you track your finances, manage your donors, and create reports.

This is in the form of the expense module, wherein you can view expenditures in the past few days, weeks, months, or a certain period. You can even take snaps of receipts and upload them to the software for automatic accounting. By automating bookkeeping and accounting processes, A2X makes it easier for non-profit organizations to monitor their finances. Automated transaction recording also helps organizations keep closer track of every expense and improve financial transparency.

Small and Local Organizations

Once you’ve identified the essential functionalities, it’s time to prioritize your system requirements based on your organization’s specific needs. Every nonprofit is different, so understanding what matters most to your organization is critical. This ranking process will help you evaluate potential software solutions more effectively. Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in addressing social, environmental, and humanitarian issues.

Sage Intacct – Best for global nonprofits

The software also lets you track donations, send donation acknowledgments, manage budgets, do bank reconciliation, and more. MoneyMinder comes with additional features that let you create an online store and access payments online, although these services come with additional fees. For example, integrating Xero with tools like Infoodle allows for effective donation tracking, while the Gusto integration streamlines staff payroll processes. These integrations enhance Xero’s functionality, making it a versatile tool that can handle various aspects of nonprofit financial management.

I’m looking for Nonprofit Accounting Software that is:

With more than 1,800 solutions scrutinized in the last 5 years spent on our team he always prioritized offering readers an unbiased perspective on modern financial technologies. Once you set Rossum up for your accounting workflows, you can then use its notification systems and custom approval rules to optimize your processes. You can also integrate the platform with your ERP and RPA systems so you can further streamline your accounting processes. At Financopedia, we’re committed to assisting small businesses and individuals with their finances and taxes. Another option is QuickBooks Nonprofit Edition, which is a modified version of the popular QuickBooks software. Nonprofits require to follow certain rules and regulations, which can make accounting a bit more complex than for-profit businesses.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many free nonprofit-specific accounting software options. (Nonprofit Treasurer, our favorite free option, recently closed its doors.) If you’re looking for fully featured free accounting software, though, your best bet is Wave Accounting. It offers accounting and bookkeeping features comparable to QuickBooks Online and Xero but for exactly no dollars.

Standout features include the ability to build custom reports to track the exact financial data that you need or to generate forecasts. Xero offers key financial services like payment acceptance and the ability to connect to external banks. You can also use it for payroll services and file storage if you want more functionality.

The Best Accounting Software for Nonprofits [Comparison]

This information can help nonprofits make better financial decisions, such as how to allocate their resources and where to focus their fundraising efforts. While Quickbooks is not the ideal tool  for nonprofit financial reporting, there are some workarounds that make it an option, albeit a cumbersome one. Both the Blackbaud Financial Edge and MIP Fund Accounting systems place powerful tools  at your fingertips, like  dashboards and financial analytics that are curated for you. Cloud-based financial management and accounting solutions deliver 3.2 times more ROI than on-premises software solutions. Cloud systems offer time savings and process efficiencies, driving higher ROI. Native cloud computing solutions offer direct, always-on access to the software through a monthly subscription.

Your organization will benefit immensely from this tool since it speeds up the contribution process, allowing you to accomplish more in less time. All that said, you should clearly know which accounting software is best suited for your non-profit or charity organization. Nonprofit groups must adhere to stringent financial accounting rules since they rely on donations and grants. As a result, any accounting software with seamless built-in data entry, insight, and analytics will help non-profits operate their mission more smoothly. If you’re feeling ambitious and want to grow the organization beyond its current size, Zoho Books is even better.

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