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These were metal plates with text stamped to share articles or text portions with other publishers easily. In MEAN stack development, this term refers to code generation through use of template. But we are a software company that doesn’t print anything and doesn’t need to share text with others, right? So most of what developers do daily is type code, move blocks of semantically organized text from file to file, and analyze every single character to find a bug. This is very similar to the publishers’ problems, but the tools available today make it so much easier to copy & paste portions of text. Fortunately, there are still a couple of things to change this scenario.

Or email templating, payments and subscriptions, CMS integration, and more. With a constant demand for software and the continuous need for qualified engineers in the market, the cost of building an application is getting more expensive. On the other hand, Software Houses are trying to deliver the best software possible, adding processes such as quality assurance (QA) and mentorship, which inflates prices even further. Head on over to our website where you’ll discover a plethora of informative blogs, a number of helpful tools, tons of useful grammar tips, and more. To further your overall understanding of the word boilerplate, let’s open up your handy-dandy thesaurus to review a few synonyms and antonyms.

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As mentioned at the beginning of this article, everyone is using boilerplates to some extent, which is a standard in the industry. So although we can benefit from all the positives said before, there are still some things you can do to give yourself an edge in speed and quality. However, as this is the standard in the industry and everybody is using some form of framework, the development cost doesn’t seem to be impacted anymore. For years, companies have been using open-source projects maintained by the community to speed up the development process while keeping up with the newest technology trends. You had probably heard about React.js, Vue.js, or Django frameworks before and wondered what it was all about.

  • Kevin Miller is a growth marketer with an extensive background in Search Engine Optimization, paid acquisition and email marketing.
  • You could start from scratch and spend hours and days instituting the necessary features.
  • When you start a project from a boilerplate, you tend to follow the code patterns and styles chosen by the creators of the boilerplate, which indirectly means that you agree with these patterns.

In my experience as a programmer, the proper kind of boilerplate code is typically a bunch of code that you start off with that’s not large and/or complicated enough to be called a framework. For instance, a lawyer may give you a five page contract to sign, but most of the contract is boilerplate — meaning it’s the same for everyone who gets that contract, with only a few lines changed here and there. In contemporary times, the term boilerplate is applied to a wide variety of settings. They are important.They are important to your business.Journalists care about them.Consumers care about them.You should also pay attention to boilerplates.

British Dictionary definitions for boilerplate

Boilerplate statements also can be found in press releases, the About Us section of a corporate website, or company announcements. Banks use a standard contract for everyone who applies for a home loan. Bank employees and loan applicants may fill in the blanks or select from checkboxes rather than create an entirely new document for every applicant. These documents typically remain unchanged so that the parties using them are not misled into accepting unfavorable conditions that even small changes in the boilerplate text could cause. The wording of these passages is generally not up for negotiation with customers, who will often sign boilerplate documents without actually reading or understanding them. This type of boilerplate, written by a party with superior bargaining power and presented to a weaker party, is often called an adhesion contract in the legal profession.

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print the piece, hence the name boilerplate. In computer programming, boilerplate code or boilerplate refers to sections of code that have to be included in many places with little allowance for doubtful accounts or no alteration. It is often used when referring to languages that are considered verbose, i.e. the programmer must write a lot of code to do minimal jobs. Businesses today use boilerplate clauses in contracts, purchase agreements, and other formal documents.

What Are Synonyms and Antonyms of Boilerplate?

Boilerplate can be described as the standard text portion of a template. It provides the user with a basic structure that can be altered to suit different needs. You should mention the name of your company if it is publicly traded in your boilerplate.

What is a boilerplate? Meaning, history and examples

First, let’s take the philosophy of the frameworks and go one step further. We can then extend them to make our frameworks specialized in the industry we are operating, providing a starting point for new projects that contain the most common features requested by the clients. The person sending the form letter then usually only needs to add his or her name at the end of the pre-written greeting and body. Typically, the sender of such a letter needs to personalize it minimally, often by just adding their name or specific details to a pre-written greeting and body, making these templates highly practical for mass communication or repetitive correspondence. A boilerplate project is a standard template that can be easily adapted to create new projects. For example, an eBay seller may create a boilerplate for a store with a basic design that is ready to be filled in with new text for each product.

These examples are programmatically compiled from various online sources to illustrate current usage of the word ‘boilerplate.’ Any opinions expressed in the examples do not represent those of Merriam-Webster or its editors. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. So all the developers working on that project will be familiar with the patterns and consistently implement new features, ensuring the code is as readable as possible, so developers of any seniority can reason about it. When you start a project from a boilerplate, you tend to follow the code patterns and styles chosen by the creators of the boilerplate, which indirectly means that you agree with these patterns.

In order for someone who has no prior knowledge of your firm or the specifics of your industry to respond, “Oh, that makes sense,” describe what your company does.Don’t make this difficult to grasp or complex. If you manage to include all eight of the fundamental aspects of a boilerplate in the limited space provided, you’ll be a PR ace. The references include Wikipedia, Cambridge Dictionary Online, Oxford English Dictionary, Webster’s Dictionary 1913 and others.

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