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Geocaching is fun involves one or a group of friends, a hand-held GPS, and some hiking shoes. Geocache listing websites have their own guidelines for acceptable geocache publications. A more controversial version of paperless caching involves mass-downloading only the coordinates and cache names (or waypoint IDs) for hundreds of caches into older receivers. This is a common practice of some cachers and has been used successfully for years. In many cases, however, the cache description and hint are never read by the seeker before hunting the cache.

  1. A geocoin is a collectible coin that travels from place to place.
  2. They may represent a variety of things from raising awareness for certain diseases to helping out after a natural disaster to personal artwork.
  3. Make sure to write this number down before trading with another geocacher or dropping the item in a cache.
  4. Features include the ability to organize one’s favourite caches, build custom searches, be instantly notified of new caches in one’s area, seek and create caches of all types, export GPX queries, statpics, etc.
  5. Geocoins are made for outdoor treasure hunters that would like to stash a custom-designed geocoin in a secret cache or would like to find a trackable geocoin.
  6. Adventure Labs are created using the Adventure Lab builder.

In 2020, Groundspeak released the “Adventure Lab” app, separate from the Geocaching app. The app made it possible to enter a geo-fence when, once inside, a question will appear that can be answered either in the form of a written what is a geocoin answer or a multiple choice answer. This question can be answered at anytime once activated, however, some ALs must be completed sequentially implying that one must answer the question to move on to the next waypoint.

Ammo cans are considered the gold standard of containers because they are very sturdy, waterproof, animal- and fire-resistant, and relatively cheap, and have plenty of room for trade items. Smaller containers are more common in urban areas because they can be more easily hidden. To visit the page, either go to the cache page for the geocache where you found the coin and look for it in the inventory list, or visit the Geocoin page and use the search tool.

Geocoin FAQ

Make sure to write this number down before trading with another geocacher or dropping the item in a cache. Having your own customized Geocoins minted can be an exciting process. With hundreds of different design options available, you should have no trouble coming up with a Geocoin that will showcase you or your group’s personality in a unique way. Browse the Geocoin gallery for inspiration, and then contact one of the approved Geocoin manufacturers listed here. Other websites for trackable coins have included the 2002Canadian geocoin,[5] Utah geocoin,[6] Oregon State coin,[7] and In the first few years the number of coins that were a signature item for a geocaching group, or individuals far outnumbered the coins that were made to sell.

In no way should you keep it for yourself without explicit permission from the owner. Many geocoins have been lost to people who have held onto coins for themselves. Geocaching websites vary in many ways, including control of data. While encouraged, events do not require visitors to sign their name a logbook to prove they attended an event. Attendees of event caches can log that they ‘attended’, which will increment their number of found caches.

Various applications can directly upload and read GPX files without further conversion. The latest advancement of this practice involves installing dedicated applications on a smart phone with a built-in GPS receiver. Seekers can search for and download caches in their immediate vicinity directly to the application and use the on-board GPS receiver to find the cache. For an additional fee, geocoin designers can also have a unique icon attached to the coins on the website.

Different geocaching websites list different variations per their own policies. Although geocoins are relatively cheap to produce, the artwork and rarity of certain geocoins may making them a target of theft. Some geocachers also collect geocoins, carrying them with them to events for other geocachers to discover. The Monterey Company is an official geocaching geocoin manufacturer for

Collecting terms

Acceptable challenges include finding caches in 10 states, finding 100 traditional geocaches, or finding 1000 geocaches with the “wheelchair accessible” attribute. Geocaching company Groundspeak allows extra-terrestrial caches, e.g. the Moon or Mars, although presently, the website provides only earthbound coordinates. Due to fire restrictions on board the station, the geocache contained no official paper logbook. As of February 2021, only one confirmed geocacher (in 2013) has actually found the geocache,[19] although others have claimed to have found it providing varying amounts of evidence.

Instead of finding Signal or picking up trash, this cache encouraged geocachers from around the world to share their favorite geocaching story. This geocache will be archived and locked on 1 January 2024. Since 2005, all locationless caches have been archived and locked, meaning they are unable to be logged. However, with geocaching’s 20th anniversary in 2020 Groundspeak decided to publish a special locationless cache for geocachers to “find” at various Mega and Giga events around the world.

Handling Geocoins

We offer free engraving for orders of 150 pieces or more, however, trackable codes are priced separately. Request a free quote to buy geocoins today or call us to speak with one of our geocache experts. Yes, we can engrave geocaching geocoins for our customers. We even offer free engraving with orders of 150 pieces or more.

Notable Geocoins

As well as concerns about littering and bomb threats, some geocachers have hidden their caches in inappropriate locations, such as electrical boxes, which may encourage risky behavior, especially by children. Hides in these areas are discouraged,[74] and cache listing websites enforce guidelines that disallow certain types of placements. However, as cache reviewers typically cannot see exactly where and how every cache is hidden, problematic hides can slip through. Ultimately it is also up to cache finders to use discretion when attempting to search for a cache, and report any problems. Since 2017, Groundspeak has required new challenges to have a geochecker in which users can put their name into an algorithm to see if they qualify without the need of physically checking all of one’s previous finds.

How Much Time Does it Take to Get Custom Geocoins Made?

Dangerous or illegal items, including weapons and drugs, are not allowed and are specifically against the rules of most geocache listing sites. Food is also disallowed, even if sealed, as it is considered unhygienic and can attract animals. If you take something, leave something of equal or greater value and record your visit in the logbook. While a variety of “treasures” can be found in any given cache (ranging from small trinkets like lapel pins to CDs or books), some of the most popular items are geocaching coins and geo pins.

Many different individuals, groups, and associations use geocaching coins for their treasure hunts. Geocaching enthusiasts, lovers of travel, traders and collectors, associations and societies, as well as sporting clubs and athletic groups are just a few of the many organizations that order custom geocoins from us. For millennia, explorers have been searching for treasure, forging paths and traveling across the globe from treacherous peaks to the deepest reaches of the oceans. Today’s treasure seekers have reinvented the pursuit as the perfect hobby for the tech-savvy outdoor enthusiast— geocaching. The geocachers mantra “If you hide, they will come” has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to participate in this global treasure hunt.

Adventure labs were first introduced in 2014 as a way to test market ideas through Groundspeak. Initially, geocachers would find a key word at a designated site where they could then enter it onto a website to claim “credit”. Soon after, they were made available to “find” at select mega events.

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