FRONTECH, the brand was introduced in the year 1993 and has been one of the leading brands catering to the IT Hardware business since then in India.

Since its inception, FRONTECH has been a pioneer in early technology adaptation and transformational innovation and has more than 300 distinguished products integrated into a spectrum of 45 product categories.



Our driving force that pushes us to bring you the latest and best in IT peripherals and accessories.

We believe that our products are not simply just accessories or add-ons to your important devices but to your life as well. #FrontechAndLife   is how we see our products being a partner to your daily routine.

The immense success of the brand stems from its ability to improve, innovate and constantly re-orient itself propelling it to remain at the helm of this niche market.

The innate culture of commitment and innovation, coupled with positive co-existence among the clients, business partners and stakeholders creates a dynamic and fluid network of feedback and research which ultimately benefit channel partners and consumers. Currently Frontech is associated with more than 25,000 dealers, distributors and re-sellers.

The policies, strategies and management have proved to be competent at keeping the brand at the peak of the IT hardware and peripherals industry.

Frontech has its pan-India presence through its extensive distribution network with its registered, head office and corporate office in Kolkata, owns 15 branches / sales offices across India and four zonal offices in Bangalore, Kolkata and Mumbai and constantly looks forward to widen this network with its fair policies.

With the support from its channel partners which includes distributors, dealers and resellers along with the dedicated workforce and with the valuable support from its loyal team, Frontech has been able to cement its position in today’s competitive market and has built credibility amongst several million satisfied end users.