We thank you for your patronage towards Frontech product and are sure you will enjoy it. In the event of your product requiring service, please contact the nearest NTI Service Center / NTI Authorized Service Center. In case there is no such service center in your city, please contact our Toll-Free No (1800-345-4500) for assistance. We emphasize that you read the instruction manual carefully before use. Nuevotech Industries Pvt Ltd warrants the product you have purchased from NTI or NTI distributor, reseller, or any of the authorized partners to be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship under normal use.

About Frontech Warranty Policy:- This policy has been created to make sure that all of our Channel Partners – Distributors, Dealers and Resellers And end users can experience industry’s best-hassle free warranty support and have superb clarity about warranty and complete peace of mind for purchasing our world-class Frontech Products.

NTI Invoice is the proof of purchase of the product and the warranty period commences from that date for dealers/distributors.(1-month extra warranty will be provided as buffer only for dealer and distributors to ensure the product is sold to End customer during the tenure)

For End customer the warranty commences from their date of purchase from the reseller/dealer provided the reseller has sold the same within one month of the NTI billing. NTI is not responsible for additional warranty claims if the Dealer/Disty/reseller sells the product late (I.e., after 1 month of NTI Billing.)

This warranty applies only to the original purchase and is non-transferable.

This warranty does not apply to equipment that has been subject to neglect, misuse, misapplication, incorrect connection or that is not properly packed for sending to the authorized service center, or to a product that has been altered, tampered or repaired in any manner prior to its return.

The warranty Period is mentioned above are applicable for respective Products.

The warranty is valid on the product with an intact warranty sticker.

  • The warranty will not be entertained for torn/erased numbers or barcode stickers.
  • The warranty is not valid on the products sold as Seconds.
  • The warranty is not applicable for physically damaged, rusted, glued, tampered or burnt products, spares missing or unauthorized spares used.
  • The Warranty is not transferable and applies to the first purchaser (End user) of the product only.
  • Repair will be carried out on NTI’s discretion (Subject to compliance of warranty terms) through the Company’s Service Centers or its Authorized Service Center / Distributors / Dealers.
  • If authorized service center does not exist in your Area, you can call nearest NTI-Service center for further course of action.
  • NTI shall make all possible efforts to carry out the repairs and return of the equipment within stipulated TAT (Turn around Time) after receipt of the same. However, the Company shall not be liable for any consequences arising due to delay under circumstances beyond its control.
  • For all models of UPS on Site** Warranty is applicable to Selected Cities/Towns within the Municipal City Limits only.
  • All the warranty terms mentioned herein are from NTI Billing only and an additional one month warranty can be provided to end users on management’s discretion to bridge the gap between NTI Billing and Reseller Billing.

In case the product is not used according to instructions given in the instruction/user manual.

  • Installation / Repair work is carried out by a person / agency other than that authorized by the company.
  • Site conditions (premises where the product is kept) that do not conform to the recommended operating conditions of the product.
  • Defects caused by improper use as determined by the company personnel.
  • Modification or alteration of any nature is made in the electrical circuitry / or physical construction of the set.
  • Equipment where the warranty stickers are corroded, defaced, tampered or missing.
  • Defects caused due to factors beyond the company’s control such as lightning, abnormal voltage, Acts of God/Natural calamities or while in transit to service center or purchaser’s residence and from customer induced damage. (CID).
  1.  AS per the Industry Standards TFT screen performs normally with no more than Five (5) improper pixels in total and no more than three (3) bright or three (3) dark pixels in line or at one place. NTI retains the right to refuse any claim for repair or replacement of a TFT screen if the numbers of defective dots are five or less than five.
  2. In the event of repair of any parts of the equipment, the remaining warranty will thereafter continue and remain in force only for the unexpired period of the warranty. Moreover, the time taken for repair and in transit whether under the warranty or otherwise shall not be excluded from the warranty period.
  3. The company or its authorized service center/ service dealer, reserves the right to retain any parts or components replaced during the warranty period.
  4. The warranty does not cover for normal wear & tear and accessories of the equipment. I.e. Remote, Battery, adapter, AC Cord, Data Cable, etc.
  5. The company’s maximum liability under this warranty shall be limited to repairing or providing replacement of parts, which are found to be defective.
  6. Repairs during warranty period shall be done on Carry-In or Return on Bench (ROB) basis unless otherwise mentioned.
  7. The sale or services of above products are subject to Kolkata Jurisdiction only.
  • Each of the equipment must accompany a report indicating the nature of defect, in case the material is sent by a dealer / distributor / NTI Service Center. An end user customer should bring a proof of purchase. In absence of the above, NTI shall not be liable for timely repair / replacement.
  • Original NTI Warranty stickers must be available on each product. Any tampering with the stickers or attempt to repair by an unauthorized person shall void the warranty on the equipment.
  • All defective equipment should be packed carefully to be transport worthy. Broken / Damaged Products would be returned back without repair or the cost of the broken / damaged parts would be recovered from the consignor after NTI receives a written request for the same.
  • All defective equipment shall be received on freight “PREPAID” basis. The Company shall bear the return freight to the customer. Under the circumstances of equipment’s being received on “TO PAY” basis, Company shall recover the freight amount before sending the equipment’s on Freight “PREPAID” basis. The same may be paid by the Party before dispatching.
  • Parties are requested to send appropriate statutory papers like: Road Permits, State Way Bills, etc along with the defective equipment. Company would not be liable for any Consignment Hold in Transit or delay arising in the replacement due to non-availability of these documents.

Any NTI product that does not power up properly on the initial use Or does not function properly (For end-user immediate after purchase), Fails Post and Self diagnostics Or have non-informed bug / defect / damage or workmanship defect (For Distributor/Reseller) when received from Factory shipment with Factory Seal intact. And Units failing prior to sale or being sold to an end user are termed as DOA.

All Customers should implement an arrival inspection upon receiving the product, any defective products shall be returned after inspection and verification immediately.

This is not valid for Configuration error, Compatibility issue, and User Related issue. DOA materials or products shall be confirmed and produced at NTI service center within 7 working days from the invoice of NTI. In case of delay the product will not be entitled as DOA.

Upon receiving returned DOA materials/products, the RMA center shall conduct inspection. The product must be originally packed with all accessories. If it is not so, then the product will not be treated as DOA and will be treated as repairable material.

On confirmation of the Fault, a new Product will be replaced to the customer with TAT. In case of non-availability of the same model, option to replace with an equivalent product will be given on NTI’s discretion.In case of DOA claimed by end-user/customer the purchase proof with all the details is necessary to submit. It must be within two working days of purchase from reseller/dealer.

  1. In case of any product having already reached the End of life it will be replaced with the nearest equivalent NTI product having the nearest price value of old one at the sole discretion of NTI.
  2. In case of non-availability of a particular model due to change of Technology/Specification an equivalent will be issued subject to availability. If none of the equivalent is available, a new product of higher technology or specification will be issued after charging the difference amount as per the prevailing market operated price (MOP)
  3. If customer is not willing to go for the higher model by paying difference amount, a credit note will be issued to the Dealer/Dusty only, after deducting the depreciation of 33% value per year as per the original billing for the tenure which customer has already used the product. As a policy, in none of the cases the end customer will be entitled to a credit note and it will be routed through the NTI Dealer/dusty with whom the end customer has purchased.

Any one or all of the below-mentioned cases shall constitute the out of warranty products/material or even warranty can be avoided from any in-warranty products/materials

  • Equipment wherein the stipulated warranty period has expired.
  • Equipment where the warranty sticker are tampered/Torn.
  • Equipment are repaired by unauthorized persons or due to customer-induced damage (CID).
  • Equipment which don’t fall under the above mentioned warranty conditions.
  • The product got defective due to an abnormal condition like flood/high voltage/thunder/transit damage/accident.

Please refer to our Out of warranty service policy.

Unclaimed RMA Materials

As a policy, if dealer/distributor/Reseller/end-user/customer doesn’t claim the product within one month, the demurrage amount of Rs. 5/- per day will be charged. This will be valid up to three months only. Thereafter, the leftover products will be discarded and NTI will not entertain any claims of the RMA Materials which are unclaimed by dealer/distributor/Reseller/end-user/customer for more than three months. NTI reserve the rights to Honor/Dishonor any such claims on its own discretion.

Table top replacement

For products such as Keyboards, Mouse, and SMPS we offer tabletop replacements at some of our PSS Centers. This is applicable only to NTI pss centers at the state capitals only and not available at our authorized service providers/dealer/disty point services and places where our mobile engineer visits.

Credit Note

For Any product which is beyond repairable or a suitable replacement with an equivalent model is not available within 15 days of receipt of RMA material at NTI PSS Center, a credit note shall be issued by NTI (at its sole discretion) to the dealer or Disty from whom the product is purchased, which will be of the present market-determined price or the price at which the product was initially purchased, Whichever is deemed lower. This credit note can then be adjusted against next billing with NTI. But where the NTI PSS centers are not present and where our mobile engineers visit for service if the product is not rectified within a frequency of a minimum of two visits, Then only we can consider to issue a credit note. At none of the circumstances end user/customer will be entitled to a Credit note as a policy.

Sales Return

As a policy NTI will not entertain any claims for sales return. But in unavoidable cases such as a receipt of faulty lot of peripherals which is duly confirmed by NTI-HO, It will be replaced by the equivalent available model with the nearest price or sales return will be issued after consultation with the NTI distributor/Reseller. And at any circumstance an end user will not be entitled to sales return.

NTI expressly disclaims all other warranties than stated hereinabove, expressed or implied, including without limitation implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose to the fullest extent permitted by law.

**The Sales and service of the products are subjected to Kolkata jurisdiction.**

Product DescriptionWarranty TypeWarranty Period
Frontech Cabinets (All models)Carry INNATesting
Frontech E-cams (All models)Carry IN1 Year3 Days
Frontech Head PhoneCarry IN1 Year3 Days
Frontech Ear PhoneCarry IN1 Year*3 Days
Frontech Ethernet CardsCarry IN1 Year3 Days
Frontech Ethernet Hubs/SwitchesCarry IN1 Year3 Days
Frontech KeyboardCarry IN1 Year3 Days
Frontech LED MonitorsCarry IN1 Year*7 Days
Monitor LED (1985,1991,1993)Carry IN3 Years7 Days
Frontech MouseCarry IN1 Year3 Days
Frontech SMPSCarry IN2 Years3 Days
Frontech SMPS (FT-2430/PS-0006,0009,0010,0011)Carry IN3 Years7 Days
Frontech CCTV Power SupplyCarry IN1 Year3 Days
Frontech SpeakersCarry IN1 Year7 Days
Speakers (SW-0014)Carry INNA6 Month for Dealer Testing
Frontech UPS (for Computers)Carry IN2 Years For UPS and 1 yr warranty on battery.3 Days
Frontech Surge ProtectorCarry INTesting5 Days
Frontech Sound/USB cardsCarry IN1 Year3 Days
Frontech Wifi dongleCarry IN1 Year3 Days
Frontech Power BankCarry IN1 Year3 Days
Frontech USB hub, Card ReaderCarry IN1 Year3 Days
Frontech MotherboardCarry IN1 Year5 Days
Motherboard (FT-0470 / 0471 / 0473 / 0474)Carry IN2 Years5 Days
Frontech RAMCarry IN3 Years5 Days
Data CableCarry IN1 Year3 Days
Data Cable (FT-0876)Carry IN6 Month3 Days
Frontech Mobile ChargerCarry IN1 Year3 Days